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May I present my new hip – ta da:


This is a copy of my post-op x-ray kindly presented to me by my surgeon on Wednesday with a detailed explanation of the component parts.

In essence I have a particularly dainty femur so am now sporting the smallest possible stem snugly cemented into my thigh bone with a rather natty ceramic cup secured with one metal screw and a bit of polyethylene covering my hip socket to boot.

The day after my surgery, the Registrar who visited me explained my surgery went very well although my small femur presented some complexity. I’m thinking this translates as: large hands, small bone, desire to keep the incision as small as possible.

I am recovering well and am delighted to be home. It is just day four so I’m not yet at full strength. I will continue to post details of operation day, life on what must surely be the largest ward possible and post-op recovery. Again, many useful pointers from other patients have been very beneficial, and look forward to passing these on.

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